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Can You Declare a Value of $XX for My Order?

Can You Declare my Order with a Low Value or as a "Gift"?

(please help me avoid the large import taxes/duties/VAT in my country)

Typical Question 1:  I live in [country zzzz], if the order is declared over USD [$50, for example] then I will be painfully taxed. Can you help me by declaring the goods [as a gift / at a very low value]?

First, we will do our best to help you with import regulations.  If you have special instructions for the waybill and invoice declaration on your orders, you need to tell us these instructions using the online checkout comments box or via email / online chat. The most typical situation is where a customer asks us to declare the package as a "Gift" or at a value below the tax threshold for their region.

Can we declare the goods at a very low value?  The answer is ... it depends on what you order.  Declaring a low value on five Microdermabrasion Machines worth $1000 would not be feasible.  However, provided that the type and quantity of the items is suitable for a declaration under $50, we will do our best to help you with this.

If you need advice about whether a particular declared value is deemed possible, before you pay, you can check out an order and submit a ticket with your order number. We will then look at the contents of your order and your country and assess what declared value is sensible.


Typical Question 2:  I plan to make multiple orders now and in the future, can you note on my account to always declare a really low values? Like, under $50?

If you have special instructions for the waybill and invoice declaration on your orders then we are happy to add those to your account.  Please give us these order instructions so we can note them on your account.

While we cannot offer formal guidance on import taxes, after you have found out information about the policies at your local customs office, then send us a copy of those region-specific policies and we will do our best to help you navigate this issue more easily in the future.


Typical Question 3:  What is wrong with declaring all my orders as a "Gift" or at a value of $40 every time?

There are two problems here;

First, if checked and found to be a false value declaration, you will be fined by your customs office.

Second, by some highly unusual circumstance, lets suppose the Fed-Ex truck delivering your goods is involved in a vehicle accident and your package is damaged and declared worthless by Fed-Ex.  If your order contained $750 worth of stuff and we declared a value of $40 per your request, then guess how much Fed-Ex would refund to us for the damaged package?  Yes, it would be the declared value of $40!!  This would make it impossible for us to refund your order or resend your order.

Therefore, we usually declare a value that is similar to the real value of the products you are ordering unless you specifically tell us that you will take full responsibility for any customs office issues, shipper losses or damage to your package(s).  Please keep this in mind when making your request.