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Whiten Your Teeth at Home Products

Teeth Whitening Products for Use at Home

With a whole range of teeth whiteners available on the market now to use at home, how do you choose the best one? Should you use the strips, toothpaste, gel trays? Can you even believe what is advertised on the boxes of these items? Lets examine these together to find the right answer...



Which "Whiten Your Teeth at Home" Products Work the Best?

The GHR Institute compared the performances of five different over-the-counter whiteners (ones you can buy in any drugstore or online) and detailed there findings in a 92 page report that we have summarized for you here. So lets look at their study and its results.

The first product group to be examined were some name brand toothpastes with whitening agents. They actually did multiple tests for each brand, one test using a normal toothbrush and one using a electric ultrasonic toothbrush. Each test was conducted for two minutes at each brushing, twice a day for two weeks. The conclusion, according to lead researcher Dr. Gerald, is that even the most effective combination of whitening toothpaste and electric toothbrush only whiten the teeth by an average of one to two grades on the teeth whitening scale, which is a change that would not be noticed by anyone you know.

The second product to be examined was the whitening mouthwash called Listerine Whitening Vibrant White. This was deemed to be completely worthless and a waste of money.

The third product group to be examined was paint-on whiteners. Testers used this product for two weeks according to the package directions. While being fairly expensive, average price of $199, the testers found the results satisfying. The researchers also concluded that these types of products gave results of five to six shades difference.

The forth product group to be examined was gel strips. These stick on whiteners had a wide variety of results depending on the brand used. The researchers actually found that the "big brands" performed poorly compared to unkown brands, a result they conclude is due to the fact that small and non-branded whitening strips usually have higher concentrations of peroxide, which gives better results, but also caused some discomfort in a small percentage of test patients. The range of results was three to six shades, with high marks going to products from Japan and Korea in particular.

The fifth and final product group to be examined was gel trays, such as the Ionic Teeth Whitening System, the Whitelight Teeth Whitener, 35% Teeth Whitening Gel available from The versions in these home use gel whitening trays are made with universal molds designed for the average-size mouth. They work will for most people, but can be too big or two small for people with extra large or extra small sized mouths.

The Conclusion?

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