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Do I Need to Have an Account to Place an Order?

Opening an Account at Global Care Market

why making an account is required to place an order


The answer to the question "Do I Need to Have an Account to Place an Order?" is yes you do need one.  Let us explain why making an account on is so important before placing an order;

Convenience:  By having an account, you will not need to re-enter all your shipping information everytime you place an order on the website.

Solving Problems:  If we did not know how to easily contact you, then what do we do if UPS calls us and says that the delivery address appears to be wrong?  You would be surprised how often people will type 213 Elm Street instead of 123 Elm Street.  Another example, if a product you ordered is no longer available in the "silver" color but is available in a "white", we can ask you about making a change instead of potentially sending you something you do not want.

Easy Communication:  What happens if you accidentally mis-spell your email address when you place your order using an "anonymous" style payment form that requires no verification?  Maybe nothing.  However, if there is any issues with your order, such as some damage during shipment, customs delays, or a temporary out of stock situation, then how do we communicate with you to solve the problem?  Having a verified email address and phone number allows us to easily communicate with you and easily solve any issues for you.

Bigger Discounts:  If we know that you are regularly ordering a certain type of charcoal face mask or cavitation gel, for example, we can provide you with future discounts based on your previous order volume.

Security for Everyone:  Imagine if a website allowed purely anonymous orders, it would be a gateway of credit card fraud.  If your credit card was ever stolen, would you like it if it was so easy for someone to use that information to charge 1000's of dollars to your account?  Our account requirements are for the benefit of you and everyone else needing to order health and medical products online.