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Placing a Special Order

How to Place a Special Order?

ordering a product no longer shown on the Global Care Market website

Do you want to order something that you can no longer find on our website or other sales platforms? Well no worry, we can still get that product for you!!

Our sister company, Medical Care Market, is a "B2B Exporter" which is headquartered in Hong Kong with a warehouse in Shenzhen.  They stock many of our active SKU's and most of our older products as well.  While this company is primarily in the business of supplying bulk orders to regional wholesale importers, they have agreed to help us by filling any orders for items such as Clarins Beauty Supplies, E-Cigarettes, Slimming Coffee and Asmeton that we are no longer selling on

Feel free to fill out the inquiry form below to get in touch with one of our sales staff to discuss making a special order for a product no longer shown on the website.