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A Guide for New Visitors to Global Care Market

step-by-step instructions for new visitors to Global Care Market

Making a customer account for placing orders on is simple. Follow the easy steps below and you will be finished in just a few minutes.

Step One: Go to the Create an Account page to begin.



Step Two: Fill in the information box with your name and email address. Your email address will be your website username. Here you will also choose your password used to log into your account in the future.


Step Three: Now check your email for the verifcation link from Global Care Market. Click the link to return to our website.

Step Four: Your email address has been verified and your account is active. Login using your username (email) and password. Now you are finished making your account.

Step Five (optional): You can go to the My Account page to input your shipping address and other details if you want them pre-saved for easier order flow in the future.


Any Questions?: Then please contact our service staff via email or instant messaging for assistance.