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Notes Regarding Ordering Electronic Devices

Notes Regarding Ordering Home Care Electronics Online

Here are some tips for new online shoppers who have not ordered from international health and medical shops before.


Please be aware of your voltage requirements.  While most products sold on are universal voltage (100-240V), some items are single voltage, 110V or 220V only, and require that you select the version you want when ordering.

Devices that operate with water require regular cleaning.  Nebulizers and humidifiers require the user to clean and maintain them in order for them to operate properly.  In the case of a nebulizer, you will also need to regularly replace the accessories with new ones in order to keep the system operating as intended to improve the users health and well being.

Wireless product may require extra setup time to operate properly.  These days there are many household and office items that run on the 2.4 hz frequency.  Bluetooth keyboards, wifi routers, cordless phones, etc.  So if you are trying to setup a wireless baby monitor at home, you may notice some interference from other devices that limits the effective range of your wireless video monitor.  Please consider this when setting up and troubleshooting the best location for your wireless baby monitor or other wireless video device.

Some products require batteries.  Most  products sold on that require batteries to operate come with the batteries (particularly if they are rechargeable types).  We do stock extra accessories for most products, including rechargeable and special shaped batteries.  However, you should be aware of the operating requirements of the products you are ordering in case you need to buy some alkaline batteries locally for your health device to operate.

Medical devices may require training or certificates.  Some medical devices or equipment may require state certification or professional training for the operator, especially if the purchaser / operator is planning to use the device on someone else, for example a microdermabrasion machine.  Please check with your local certification commission if you are not sure of the operator licensing requirements for your spa or clinic.