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How to Get Support for the Product You Just Bought

Can you Provide me with Some Technical Support?

How to Get Support for the Setup/Use of the _________ Product I Just Bought?

A common question, "Can you provide me with some Setup/Use Support for this product I just purchased?"  We thank you for the question, we are always happy to hear from our customers.

In order to provide our customers with the low wholesale prices you see on the website, we need to limit the amount of support services we are able to provide. While we are always happy to provide additional documentation and some introductory videos on the Home Health Care Devices and Home Medical Supplies we sell, for the most part we expect that the people purchasing from are familiar with the use and operation of the products they are purchasing. If you are thinking of purchasing a product you do not know how to setup or operate, we recommend that you do some additional research first, to make sure you are making a wise purchase.